Chrysalis Health Solutions: Julie Johnson, D.C., C.F.M.P. Integrative Health Consultant and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

A photo of doctor Julie JohnsonMeet Dr. Johnson

I believe that healthy, vibrant people expressing their best quality of life creates a more peaceful, pleasant world.

I want YOU to be one of those people.

We need you. This world can be a crazy, difficult and sometimes scary place. It can also be amazing. It’s everything.

Let me back up and introduce myself. My professional name is Dr. Julie Johnson, but I’m often called ‘Doc J’, which works for me. I knew from the time that I was a little girl that I wanted to be a teacher when two amazing women, Mrs. Mapes from kindergarten and Mrs. Krupke, the best music teacher in the whole world, touched my life and showed me that there are few things more powerful than being a part of the awakening a person can have in the moment when they realize something fully. Teachers truly touch lives.

Photo of a group of kids in a classroomFast forward to my final teaching practicum in undergrad where I found myself in a 6th grade science classroom. My homeroom students and I clicked in a way that was pure magic and after a unit on the human body where I included chiropractic care, (you can’t very well NOT include it when the birthplace of the entire profession is in your hometown), my class of students staged an intervention.

I’ll never forget their ingenuity and organization. They confronted me with the difference they saw in my excitement, passion and personality when I taught them about the human body. I couldn’t deny it, but simply explained that teaching grammar and math well, it just didn’t do it for me.

They quickly explained that it was more than that. Becoming a doctor of chiropractic was something I was meant to do and to be anything less would just be unacceptable. I went home that night stunned and humbled. Those kids changed my life forever.

After an advanced Organic Chemistry class that nearly killed me, I suddenly found myself at Palmer College of Chiropractic. Time passed quickly and I graduated in 2000 with my doctorate degree having also successfully completed all national board examinations to become board certified. I’ve also completed certification as a Functional Medicine Photo of Julie JOhnson with a studentPractitioner and am working on a Diplomate from the American Board of Clinical Nutrition.

Upon graduation I opened the first integrative health center of its kind in the Quad Cities Region; my hometown. As a result of this unique venture I was featured in a three-part series on a local NBC-affiliate station as the ‘Wellness Expert’. From that point forward I’ve been interviewed dozens of times on live and pre-recorded television shows, on the radio and in various print media. It’s always my goal to promote empowerment and health literacy so that consumers can make the best health care choices possible.

Doctor Julie Johnson


In 2004 I received an invitation to return to Palmer College in the role of Coordinator for Palmer Clinics Community Relations and for a time served as adjunct faculty assisting in the re-design of courses in the business curriculum of the doctoral program. Having maintained my clinical practice for over the past decade, my method to patient care has been to use a thorough case history and interview process, lab testing of various forms, (including blood, saliva, stool and hair), whole food supplementation products, bio-identical hormones and lifestyle modification. Although able to address virtually any healthcare issue, I’ve developed a particular interest in serving patients with infertility issues, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal gland burnout and numerous gastrointestinal complaints.

Dr Johnson exploring nature

While still a student at Palmer College, I participated in my first mission trip to Bolivia working with a team to provide chiropractic care to thousands of underserved people. As a faculty supervising clinician I’ve returned to participate in four additional trips to Hyderabad, India.

My moments of healthy balance are filled with exciting life adventures around the world, time well spent with my significant other, cooking, enjoying fine wine and exploring nature in my little retro Shasta Airflyte.