Chrysalis Health Solutions: Julie Johnson, D.C., C.F.M.P. Integrative Health Consultant and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Success Stories

It is with gratitude that I share a few words from my patients.

"Within 3-months I was feeling healthier and stronger and the results confirmed the healing taking place."

Shortly after getting married my health started diminishing rapidly. I started having to take 8 Imodium each day and was still struggling with heartburn, stomach pain and severe diarrhea multiple times a day. I also became extremely depressed and anxious and we had been also unsuccessfully trying to conceive for a year. My body could no longer digest even the simplest food and I was supplementing my meals with a nutritional supplement drink daily. I had tried many doctors, specialists and naturopaths and none of them knew what was wrong or how to fix it.

I was referred to Dr. Johnson when we moved to Davenport and from the moment I met her I knew there was something different about her. She was so warm and caring and very determined to help me get my life back. Dr. Johnson did a hair analysis test and a GI stool test to see exactly what was going on in my body. When the results came in Dr. Johnson sat down with my husband and I and thoroughly went over the results. It was discovered that I had contracted a parasite and my other results were either really high or really low. Dr. Johnson started me on supplements from Standard Process and made some dietary changes, such as eliminating gluten.
Dr. Johnson was extremely supportive and was never more than an email away.

Within three months I was feeling healthier and stronger and the results from an updated hair analysis and GI test confirmed the healing taking place. To our joy, a month later we discovered I was pregnant! I continued to stay in contact with Dr. Johnson throughout my pregnancy and was able to fulfill my dream of having a home water birth on February 2, 2012 with our little girl, Dior Paisley. I'm still working with Dr. Johnson to make sure my body recovers properly from my pregnancy. I am forever thankful for her and the impact she has had on my family and myself. She has truly been one of the greatest blessings in my life.

Chelsea L.

I first came to Dr. Julie due to infertility issues. She met with me and we discussed my situation and discussed options that were available for me. I was immediately drawn to her and her passion for helping people get to the root of the problem instead of trying to fix symptoms. Every step of the process was thoroughly explained in great detail. Each analysis was discussed and any time I had any questions Dr. Julie was available and answered them promptly. Dr. Julie walked with me every step of my journey.

The end result of my treatment was a much healthier me! I have an awareness of my body, my environment, what I put into my body and how those choices affect me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe in
Dr. Julie and trust her passion and knowledge about overall health and wellness as well as specific treatment of health issues.

I will use her again if needed!!

Jaclyn M.

Dr. Julie Johnson goes over and beyond for her patients by embracing "outside of the box" thinking and possesses the utmost integrity and professionalism. Dr. Johnson's expertise was life changing for me as she was the only medical professional who listened to me, took me seriously and conducted testing that provided quantitative results. Her sincere, compassionate personality and ability to create a positive outlook is what every patient wants in their medical professional, which is why it is without hesitation that I refer friends, family and strangers to
Dr. Julie Johnson.

Amber C.

Amber has generously agreed to share photos of her family. She first presented for infertility issues. The photo to the right is after the birth of her first child, Rylan along with her husband Ryan.

Above is a photo with the entire family including daughter Savannah. She has completed her family!

Dr. J

I know a few people who work with doctors on the phone or Internet and I'll be the first to admit that I was totally skeptical of doing the same. However that all changed after my chiropractor, who I have full confidence and trust in, recommended Dr. Julie Johnson to me. My chiropractor had worked with her personally and highly recommended her for my thyroid and gastrointestinal problems. I am so thankful I took my doctor's advice.

Dr. Johnson encourages frequent communication, which is so easy and effective; we have talked on the phone but usually our correspondence is by Skype and more frequently by e-mail. She replies within a very short period of time and answers all my questions and concerns very patiently and thoroughly.

For years I've been battling my health issues and it was always the same thing – to try new or more medicine. As it turned out, that was making my condition worse because those doctors were trying for a quick fix and not a cure. Dr. Johnson doesn't want the Band-Aid effect (as I call it); instead, she strives to get to the root of the problem. My body does not react to medicine and supplements like most other's and Dr. Johnson believes me when I tell her I have or have had unusual side effects. Dr. Johnson is very qualified and competent; she is constantly researching for new ideas and solutions and will confer and brainstorm with other colleagues when she feels it is necessary.

I am totally spoiled after working with Dr. Johnson due to all the personalized attention I receive; she doesn't "rush out the door". Instead, she takes time communicating with me, checking and re-checking my current and past test results, symptoms and progress. Not only does Dr. Johnson take a lot of time with me, she has a very positive yet realistic outlook and very effectively passes that encouragement on to me.

I have been working with Dr. Johnson for about a year now. Although it's a slow process due to many years of not treating my body correctly and getting the wrong kind of help; we are making great strides and I feel better both physically and emotionally. When I didn't think I had any options left, Dr. Johnson was there with alternative, effective testing and suggestions – always trying to think outside the box to continue moving my progress in a healthy direction.

Joanne S.

To my eternal friend,

You will never know how much this has and will change lives. What a privilege to be your patients. Your Grandma (deceased) would be so proud of you.

Love, Pamela D.

When I was in your office I truly felt how important you are in this area and beyond. Your impact is dynamic!

Best of health,

Sherry G.

I felt genuine concern, compassion and caring. I was very impressed with the holistic approach to healing. The incorporation of all approaches was a truly rewarding experience. Thank you.


I am a 57-year old Ultracyclist who rides 10-15,000 miles per year on a bicycle. After running, bike racing and doing triathlons for the past 20-years, I went to Dr. Julie for help after hitting a wall in well-being. I had been heavily overtraining for the previous 5-years, digging a deeper and deeper hole for which I was paying for. My energy levels were non-existent, my muscles ached constantly, I was mentally burned out and my sleeping/eating habits were in disarray.



Dr. Julie ran some simple tests and assessed my condition of adrenal exhaustion. After a minimal time off the bike, she instituted a supplement program, as well as a complete overhaul of my diet. She taught me a new mental outlook that has prevented me from falling back to old habits as well. This year I'm headed for 12,000 miles of riding. I feel as good as I ever have in the last 10-years. I'm not quite as fast as I used to be, but still just as strong. All the treatments aside, I want to thank Dr. Julie for educating me on how to remain a top level older athlete and keep a well-balanced life as well.

David T.